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Leadership & Talent

Working together to build strong leaders.

Talent Management

Our Approach

We offer a holistic approach to creating and implementing the right talent and leadership initiatives.

Leadership Development & Talent Management

Our Commitment

To elevate the confidence, capability, and credibility of your leaders, regardless of level

Talent Management


Managing and developing your organization’s talent is a business strategy. It requires both a short and long-term view to building the right leadership culture and bench strength.

Leadership Development


Your Leadership Group


Every leader brings different skills, perceptions and approaches to their position.

To identify an individual’s key strengths and opportunities for improvements, Your Leadership Group uses a variety of sound, objective leadership assessments.

  • As a certified provider of Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Assessments, we offer a suite of research-based assessment tools designed to help organizations create a common leadership language and consistent feedback process.

Your customized leadership development plan may include developing:

  • Fundamental leadership skills
  • Consistency and focus around competencies, expectations and accountability
  • Enhanced leader insights, thinking and credibility

Building Fundamental Leadership Behaviors

Our “Building Your Leadership Effectiveness” program is a comprehensive, eight-module training series designed to help leaders master key leadership attributes, equipping them to confidently and skillfully:

• Manage and lead through self-awareness
• Coach in relationships
• Give & receive feedback
• Influence others
• Communicate to connect
• Manage performance
• Delegate effectively
• Develop people

Delivered in a series or individually, each 1½- to 2-hour module introduces management concepts and uses assessments, group discussion, self-reflection, leadership tools and application exercises to emphasize leader expectations and drive consistent leadership performance.

Specific modules within this series also provide the basis for two additional programs:

“Emerging Leaders” – prepares employees with high potential for people leadership roles.

“Showing Leadership in an Individual Contributor Role” – helps non-managerial employees learn and demonstrate effective leadership qualities within their roles.

Leadership Strategy

Regardless of leader level, Your Leadership Group offers the expertise, tools and resources to help you design and implement a result-driven leadership development plan.

Talent Management

Developing and sustaining a performance culture demands preparation. It requires strategically identifying, recruiting and hiring the best talent – and then actively developing a pipeline of leaders who can drive the organization forward. Your Leadership Group helps clients at both strategic and operational levels prepare for exceptional, sustainable performance.

Talent Management Strategy


Aligning talent management with your company’s strategic plans is key to creating a workforce that is prepared to lead continual growth.  Your Leadership Group will help your organization move from a specific talent management goal, such as succession planning, to a comprehensive talent management strategy that drives desired results.

Talent Development


Your Leadership Group helps companies prepare current and future leaders for their next leadership role. This involves building their knowledge, skills and abilities using our assessment-based programs for individuals, leadership development initiatives and executive coaching services. We can also facilitate formal talent reviews.

Step-By-Step Approach

We offer a customizable, step-by-step approach to building and implementing one/all of the following strategies to accomplish your specific talent management objectives:

Creating a senior leadership talent pool (i.e., CEO and/or senior leadership succession planning).

Creating a key roles talent pool (i.e., succession planning for key strategic roles across the organization).

Creating a hi-potential talent pool (i.e., talent development strategies to position hi-potentials for future succession planning pools).


We incorporate a full range of assessment approaches focused building individual leadership awareness and presence and/or team clarity and effectiveness, including:

  • Formal and informal 360 assessment to gather real-time feedback across rater groups
  • Self-assessments which offer insights into natural and challenged tendencies, blind spots, and emotional triggers (e.g., DiSC, BestWorkDATA)
  • Team assessments to understand the current state of team effectiveness


  • Increased leadership effectiveness (capability, confidence and presence)
  • Enhanced leadership bench strength
  • Sustainable approach to leadership and talent strategy
  • An overall culture of energy, engagement, and productivity

How it Works

Contact us for an initial assessment (maybe review/discovery/range of possibilities) of your leadership and talent needs.