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Leadership Coaching

Coaching is about asking the right next question(s) to move others toward creating the right level of clarity, commitment to action and accountability. In today’s complex and dynamic world, leaders who are open to opportunities to leverage a coach in support of their continued growth will find it is a key ingredient to building leadership effectiveness. 

Our Approach

We position ourselves as external, unbiased and confidential partners whose role is to assist, support and guide leaders and teams to explore and find their own views and solutions. In doing so, we offer a comprehensive approach to helping new and/or experienced executives, leaders at all levels, individual contributors, and/or teams enhance their confidence and effectiveness. General areas of focus may include, but are not limited to:

  • Building upon or improving leadership capabilities and credibility (e.g., self-awareness, influence, communication, presence, coaching, strategic thinking/execution, etc.)
  • Transitioning to different responsibilities or a key leadership role
  • Developing high-potential talent identified as part of the succession planning strategy
  • Creating team effectiveness

Recognizing all coaching engagements are unique, we work with each individual/team to create an approach which targets specific areas of focus to support the right needs and challenges. This in-depth and well-rounded process incorporates real-time feedback, action planning, and on-going accountability to create the right framework for attaining success.    

Organizations that believe in the power of coaching know that…

Successful leadership capabilities are an outcome of one’s ability to receive feedback, reflect, acknowledge, move to self-discovery, and commit to action. Your Leadership Group’s future-focused, results-oriented coaching services focus on these actions/behaviors to help leaders at all levels.

This includes:

  • Seasoned executives looking to broaden their leadership presence.
  • Individuals and teams ready to advance their leadership brand.
  • Teams looking to improve how they work together.
  • Leaders in transition.

Your Leadership Group’s coaching framework offers a proven approach to working with leaders to increase their confidence in leadership through/with others. This includes:

  • Objectively assessing and observing to enhance self-awareness
  • Listening to gain a full understanding of the current situation.
  • Challenging blind spots to shed light on new possibilities.
  • Becoming a sounding board in support of thoughtful planning and decision-making
  • Advocating for opportunities and potential
  • Promoting and supporting appropriate shifts in thinking
Your Leadership Group

How it Works

Set up a 30-minute complimentary consultation to learn about our coaching approach and methodology.